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 Our Mission Statement

The Humane Society of Lewisville is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping homeless and abandoned animals receive a second chance at life and to promoting humane education for the responsible treatment of all companion animals.


  About Us

The Humane Society of Lewisville (HSL) was established in 1984. Our charter is to promote humane education, spay/neuter, and foster/adoption services. Our focus is on enriching the lives of animals and their owners in Lewisville and the surrounding areas.

HSL does not have a shelter.  All of our adoptable cats and dogs are in foster homes, which allows us get to know each animal's personality and temperament for the best possible fit into their new forever homes.


  Community Outreach

Education - HSL has been very visible in Lewisville and the surrounding areas promoting education. We have volunteers available to speak at school events and welcome the opportunity to work with youth.  Humane education promotes proper pet care and helps establish an awareness of kindness and respect at an early age. HSL believes in promoting better pet care through education.

Spay and Neuter - All dogs and cats in HSL's adoption program are spayed or neutered. The charge for this service is included in the adoption fee for all animals adopted through our program. The only way to solve the pet overpopulation problem and to eliminate the needless deaths of thousands of cats and dogs at animal shelters all across the country each day is through spay/neuter.  

Adoption and Foster Care - Our organization exists because of our wonderful and loving foster care providers. These folks open their homes and hearts to strays and rescued shelter animals every day. Without our network of fosters, our program wouldn't be possible. Most of the animals in our program were either rescued from area shelters or were strays. We provide initial medical care for our adoptable animals and help reacquaint them through socialization with the foster family (pets, children, and adults). Once the animals become socialized, they are ready to be adopted.